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Taciturnity Nigel Blackingsworth


Nigel Blackingsworth

Published March 3rd 2012
Kindle Edition
47 pages
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 About the Book 

Taciturnity is a book detailing the writings and descent of a man into insanity and alienation in his pursuit of freedom, identity, truth, love, and ultimately what is real. It is intended for sophisticated readers and covers difficult topics, as excerpted from his writings and letters over the years. Political, social, moral, religious, spiritual and metaphysical questions are explored frankly. Included are poems and short stories which were written while the author was in varying stages of psychosis, some of them while incarcerated or in solitary confinement. It is left to the reader to decide how far the man has fallen, or if he has or ever will reach a resolution to the many aspects of cognitive dissonance, grandiose or delusional thinking, unrequited love, and the other demons that have haunted his mind as he, his society, or both have unraveled.