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Amais Wish Louisa Conn

Amais Wish

Louisa Conn

Published December 27th 2010
Kindle Edition
349 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Amai is five years of age and is an only child, her mother having died shortly after her birth. Her Papa had adored his beloved wife Pia and a part of him seemed to die with her. The only reason he had continued to live was for his beautiful little daughter whom he simply adored.Pia’s mother Juliette, came to live with Ben, shortly after Pia’s death to help look after the bébé girl. Juliette had survived an unwanted, traumatic, teenage pregnancy and a lonely young adult life, but now felt somewhat secure in the role of nanny for her granddaughter.When Amai started kindergarten she looked around and discovered that most of her classmates had brothers and sisters. She wanted one also. Thus began her plea to her Papa, to provide that special frère or soeur that she so desired.